History Of TheSteamboat Ketam Village

Traditionally, steamboat is served in a big pot where everyone shares ingredients and broth, potentially creating a situation where too many cooks spoil the broth. In TheSteamboat Ketam Village , we aim to provide an unique experience by serving each person his/her personal hotpot, ensuring that the taste of the broth and ingredients are unique to each person at the table. For instance, customers can enjoy vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal, spicy or non- spicy broths under the same table. On top of this, a personal hotpot for each individual is also more hygienic, as compare to the traditional ways.

We also employ modern technology in our restaurant, choosing to use induction cookers instead of gas-operated cookers.Although the cost of using this technology is significantly higher, we believe that the safety of our customers is paramount to our business. Induction cooking reduces the chances of our customers getting burnt, as is with conventional cooking methods. To further ensure safety, we have designed our tables in a way that the cooker is below the table surface, exposing only the top portion of the pot to our patrons. In this way, the risk of getting burnt will be lessened and even the little one gets to enjoy a pot of soup all to themselves. This also avoids table clutter and the necessity of reaching over others to get to the common pot of soup in the middle of the table.

TheSteamboat Ketam Village is designed to cater for not only families but for professional corporate customer as well. The spacious environments in our restaurant allow us to accommodate big groups of customer at the same time. For this reason, birthday celebration, annual dinner, and any other special celebration which involves a large number of customer are welcome at TheSteamboat Ketam Village.

The concept behind TheSteamboat Ketam Village is to share the village culture with our respected customer. Hence, we have chosen “Village Steamboat” as a manifestation of this culture. Our shareholders have gone the distance to choose the right color scheme, type of furniture, materials, design and equipment that would provide a unique and homely experience to our customers.